Ladies and gentleman (but more particularly the ladies),

I have seen a lot of discussion (read criticism) of the women who participated in the huge marches this weekend. Many have posted good-hearted comments that DOING is more important than VOICING and really what do these women think they are accomplishing anyways?

Listen. BOTH are important. Obviously the most constant and impactful way for individuals to effect change in the world is by actively living a good and intentional life and taking care of your own and those in your community. But voicing is also incredibly important.

Have we forgotten that women for thousands of years never had the privilege to voice? For most of human history we were completely excluded from the public square and from any type of political or societal conversation. We had no voice when it came to the public good, the well-being of our communities and society. But thanks to thousands of brave women who came before, those days have past.

Let us not take for granted the hard work of the women who fought 100 years ago so that YOU can have a voice in your community and in the political sphere. So that you can march to the White House if you want to send a message to the world. So that you can speak your political views publicly and be respected. And so that heck, if you want, you can run for public office and just maybe get elected. Let us not forget their sacrifices for us, the women of TODAY.

My good ladies whom I love and admire–let’s give each other a break. Let’s love and support all women, even those with different views, lifestyles and ways of seeking to make the world a better place. I believe we all have common desires–for women to be able to do the work of our lives (whatever it be) in peace and security, to be respected and not degraded, and to be empowered to uplift the human race. There are many different ways we can do that work, both collectively and individually. But we do ourselves a disservice when we shut one another down. After all, sisters, we need each other. And the world needs brave women more than ever.

As modern women with the ability to inform ourselves well and to influence society, let us increase our efforts both to VOICE and to DO as we are able to make this world a better place. I believe we are up for the challenge.